Do you hold a United States passport that is expiring within the next 6 or 7 months? Well then, RENEW NOW!

Starting January 2018, 9 states will have to provide a real ID (please scroll down for a detailed list of states) . This means those state's current IDs will no longer be accepted by the TSA. Not only are officials expecting a wave of new passport applications, they are also anticipating a flood of renewals of passports issued 10 years ago, from when the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative went into effect. They are expecting not hundreds, not thousands, but MILLIONS of Americans requesting renewals, the same ones who were scrambling to get a passport this time 10 years ago, oy!

The State Department would like to avoid breaking your heart if the day of your trip comes and you don’t have a valid passport or ID in hand. So please, for your TSA agents, for your travel agent (me), for the U.S. government, and for your sanity get your passport renewed.

 This is your plane... leaving without you.

This is your plane... leaving without you.

As of December 2017, the following states and territories have been certified by the DHS as being in compliance with DHS criteria,[7] although most of them are not in compliance with other provisions of the law not included in the DHS criteria,[30] such as participating in the interstate system for sharing of ID databases:[43] - Wikipedia





Splurge a bit and get a passport card, just check one extra little box on your renewal form. Passport cards are a relatively new form of federal ID. Passport cards allow limited international travel across land and sea borders as well being a valid form of Real ID for domestic travel. I personally wouldn't rely on my passport card to get me across ANY international borders, I would only use a passport book for that. The card is great for domestic travel in cases where you don't feel like carrying your passport.


Due to the fact that Cheema’s NYC is an affiliate of Tzell Travel we have a partnership with CIBT. This means we can assist you with the visa and passport process, making life much less stressful.

*EXTRA FUN FACT: We can also have passports expedited.



Most of Europe requires your passport to be valid for 3 months. A majority of Asian and African countries require 6 months, and the rest of North America (including Mexico and Canada) don’t really care as long as it’s a valid passport.

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